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Gate Installer Diploma

Gate Installer Diploma

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HSL began development of the GID course in June 2018, with the first course being held in Manchester in November 2018.

The GID course aims to instruct and assess technically skilled candidates, in Four key areas (skills) relating to the safe installation of equipment and controls for the automation of gates.

The GID incorporates a number of industry recognised courses

Each element of training is carried out by a qualified instructor, with practical industry experience in their field.

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HSL has been offering training to the gate industry since 2013 with an aim to provide industry-wide training schemes as part of its drive to increase levels of safety in the powered automatic gates sector. With an increase in automated gate technology over recent years it is important that installers are able to show they understand the risks involved and ensure electric gates are installed correctly. This not only saves lives but will reduce the chances of legal proceedings for injuries or deaths that result from poorly installed electric gates.  Please check out our courses for more information.

All training instruction is delivered by qualified individuals with real-life experience in their relevant field.

We believe that this approach gives each and every candidate attending training with HSL, the opportunity to expand their skill and knowledge base, regardless of the current level of experience.