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HSL Training is the driving force in offering an alternative to your average ‘classroom’ based gate automation training.  Designed to cover both the necessary safety and legislative information adding electrical and practical installation assessments also.

Additionally The Gate Installer Diploma offers MMA arc welding training, with an EAL certificate of verified achievement available for all attendees*.

More information about welding for gate automation training

The MMA welding training has both theory and practical sessions to provide a comprehensive understanding of the real skills required when undertaking gate installation jobs.

The objective of the welding element of the course:

  • Explain the principals of MMA welding
  • Identify the components to commence MMA welding
  • Identify and explain the controls for the MMA process
  • Identify key features and benefits of  MMA
  • Give guidance on the selection of appropriate equipment for welding

Once the module has been completed the trainee will understand the following:

  • Abbreviation and terminology used
  • Application of modes of manual metal arc welding
  • Equipment required for common applications
  • Method of control parameters
  • Common process problems, identification and rectification
  • Relationship with other processes
  • Selection of equipment

The 1 day MMA welding training session can be attended separately from the remaining dates, contact us today to discuss your gate automation training needs.

A combination of demonstration, mentoring, practical and theoretical techniques ensures welders are confident of processes and procedures before undertaking any welding work.

HSL training are committed raising safety awareness and standards within the gate automation industry. Gate designers, maintainers and owners need to be able to recognise and avoid risk of injury or death.

On completion of the course attendees will gain a British standard MMA  welding qualification, certificate in health and safety, DHF gate safety and safe isolation certification.

*additional charge for certification

Various gate automation training courses from HSL Training are held regularly, keep checking the site for information.