Gate safety training

We now regularly hold the 5 day gate installer diploma training , soon to have it’s new base in Burton on Trent , this gate safety training course instructs and assesses technically skilled candidates in four key skill areas relating to the automation of gates.  The course consists of practical exercises, lectures, question and answer sessions and finalising in examination assessment to gain your certification.

HSL training aim to offer training that will improve the knowledge of those installing gate automation and those whom are accountable for the safety of electric gates in terms that are understood.

The gate safety training is aimed at both current gate installers wishing to improve their skills and knowledge and those wanting to join the sector. With ever changing regulations the difficulty of becoming,and remaining qualified, is challenging.

Furthermore,  the Gate Installer Diploma syllabus covers much of the content that forms NVQ Level 2 in door and gate systems.

The DHF have approved the incorporation of the one day automatic gate safety training certification within the GID syllabus.

On this day attendees will gain a greater understanding of the relevant parts of the DHF TS 011:2018 / DHF TS 012:2018 covering industry wide safety standards.

Gid training

Anyone wishing to register for Door and Gate Systems Level 2 NVQ at the time of booking onto the GID will benefit from a discounted rated and 12 months ongoing support to assist in achieving the required standard.

Those who complete the Gate Installet Diploma course will have the opportunity to promote their business and gain customer leads by listing their business services on free-quote.

Free quote is a free to use service that puts those looking for local trade persons in touch with those will necessary skills.


Please note that terms and conditions apply when booking any course offered by HSL training, contact us for more information


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